After Work!

Sunset Beyond the Mountain

After work, 5:30pm.

Traveling everyday is a challenge for me. I am competing to many passengers to secure my seat. I travel for two hours to go home by three different kinds of transportation. Succumbed and exhausted to a long travel and traffic, and  mob of passengers who are rushing to go home. Students, workers, businessmen; small or big; young or old; quiet or chatty; it is fortunate to have a seatmate in a public transportation whose vain and conscious to hygiene; considerate to a tired and bored seatmate. I have to bear myself with unfriendly, rude and insensitive passengers, thank you to those who are not. There are many kinds passengers that I always encounter.

By traveling everyday I gained practical wisdom. I learned to understand and see the importance of the things and events happening around me which oftentimes I applied to myself once the same situation happens. I learned to appreciate every single moment, things captured to my heart. Not just the scenery but with a heart of gold people. Nowadays, in 10 people probably below 5 you would consider are selfless. I realized if we should just appreciate and use it with our selfless-advantage the gift of God so how wonderful and peaceful the earth is.

When I am traveling, a great portion of my time I spend it in sight-seeing, in an excellent view!  I am gazing out the window of a bus.  It restoring my energy after a long day of work to see the beautiful nature has God given to us.  The sunset beyond the mountain, the blue beach, the green trees and the fresh air. I am savoring these every single moment and thank HIM! As you could see, extremely amazing to have this kind of gift from Him! He is the true selfless! He  shared  everything he owns.

This is me!

During my school years, I was not good in academic subjects. I was not an active student. I was not popular and never passed to be a staff writer of our school publication. I was an average student.

When I was 13, I often asked myself, ‘what would I be after 10 years?’  I was not certain in my goals though it instilled in me to finish my studies and to become a successful person!  Not just in my career but a successful being a person.

I never jump in and take the reigns. In our community I never experience to be a leader but I am always a good follower. I am a quiet type person. My bestfriend says, “the best word that may describes me is a calm person“.  Probably, I am. Because I always believe when there is a trouble, I should analyze the situation calmly and find ways to overcome it. Some people say (those who are not close to me), “I am introvert”.  My special one says, “I am reserved type person”. There’s a truth on it. When meeting new people and in new environment I cannot start or hold a conversation. I like to analyze them before I open up.

I want to speak for a reason, and with a purpose. I am very cautious in giving my opinion to my listeners. I do not take a risk to share without thinking it twice. It is a big odd for me to hurt someone else. Yes, it may sound I am “people-pleaser”, isn’t it? I am just avoiding conflicts or fights at any cost.  No matter what the people may judge me I want to be consistent for who I am. I believe, this is me and they should love and accept me for who I am. By this I would know my true friend and who I would trust for. To sail under false color has nothing to yield in my life, hence it misleading my own direction.

Over a night, when I was reading my old book from my shelf Getting Unstuck: Breaking Through Your Barriers to Change by Dr. Sidney B. Simon. I bought this book 2 years ago. I remember why I bought this book. I was working in a business capital of our country by then. I was not able to get what I aimed for myself and for my family. There was a circumstance that inevitably I should quit my job. It was an unselfish decision. It was a decision that trading my career. Through this book I have made a lot of realization about real meaning of life. Now, I am seeking of getting out this situation. My life is like to-and-fro. I am still uncertain with my goals. I want to have self-satisfaction through my output in job and service in community. But how would I start these?  I have so many fears in life. Fear to reject; fear to say NO; fear to leave my comfort zone. I am stuck. I want a positive change. Yet, to cling on these fears may be a detrimental to my life. I will not achieve what I started now and fulfill my dreams.

Maybe I could not fight totally these fears but allowing and channeling them in to my life, it will shape me into a good person and help to create and live more fulfilling life. I know, learning it by process I will overcome those fears and through mistakes I will define the real meaning of life.

Well life has so many possible mistakes you have to make. They hurt sometimes – a lot of the time. For there, mistakes teach us to be strong and we will perfectly achieve what we work hard for. It is a hard teacher.

And, have strong faith to our God Almighty. He will lead us to our right path. Rest assured, He will never leave us.

I love these lines from Paulo Coelho:

When you find your path, you must not be afraid.
You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes.
Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.


DO WHAT YOU LOVE (understand the link between success and your passion) by Riley Harrison

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Catch the trades winds in yours sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

  Mark Twain.

Every person is born with a life purpose. You will become aware of it if you permit yourself to entertain the thought of making your dreams a reality. How do you discover your purpose in life? Your purpose in life is linked to your passions. What do you love to do? Here are some clues. Energy is always available for the things you want to do. You can be bone tired, but if you love to read mysteries you will stay awake half the night reading that mystery to discover “who done it”. People who have lively purpose in their existence are always doing what they want to do. One of the real secrets to enjoyment and fulfillment isn’t to do what you are necessarily good at but to do what you love. It also follows that if you persist in doing what you love you will become good at it. The saddest specter is to have lived and never had the courage and confidence to pursue your dreams. The happiest people I know are the ones pursuing their dream. How about the financial aspect of dream pursuing? Fortunes are usually a byproduct of someone pursuing  their dreams. When you focus on your dreams good things will happen. You have all the necessary resources within you to fulfill your dreams. Doing what you love requires that you believe in yourself. Total commitment will become a joy and not a burden. People with good self esteem don’t ask if, they ask how, because they believe in themselves. This isn’t delusional or a false belief. We are all capable achieving wonderful and joyous things. It isn’t a lack of talent that blocks us, it’s the lack of a winning attitude. You can never outperform your self image which is based on self esteem. How do you view yourself? We are able to see the potential in others but oftentimes we are blind to our own potential. Remember you were put on this earth to be the best you could be, not to limit yourself or let others plan or dictate your life.  When you really begin to focus on your dreams, decisions making becomes much easier. Your subconscious will help you (if you allow it)  to decide what activities, people etc. support your dreams. You want to live an inspiring life and I think we learn from inspiring experiences. We have all been inspired by an emotional speech, a well written book or some example of courage. It’s like a shot of emotional adrenaline. So why let inspiration happen randomly; why not seek it out. If we are a product of our environment why not make that environment a nurturing place ladled with inspirational goodies that make us feel good and motivate us to grow.  The greatest gift you have to offer is to be the best you can be and how can you do that if you aren’t pursuing your dreams.

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