Throwback: Personal Governance!

While I was checking my inbox I saw this:

Personal Governance

I have so many things that I would like to change and to do for myself. Every time I assess myself, my health has been always my top priority. I want to have a complete healing of what I’ve been suffering for many years already the recurrence of my lip allergy. It causes a lot of my work. It lessens my self esteem to face people. I cannot work efficiently and effectively because I cannot give my hundred percent focus which I know I do love my work at ICSEC-Kaplan Iloilo as Operations staff and or sometimes I am doing marketing tasks. By this condition, I attempt for many times to leave my work not because I am not happy with them, but I am unselfish to give the prerogative to the company to look for more efficient and effective staff. Then I cannot do the things such as outdoor activities.

I did a lot of checkups with different medical practitioners and laboratory tests. However, it still triggers of so many allergens, especially for food and weather change. I always put down on a piece of paper of what I am eating and doing in my not normal days to monitor what triggers it.

This June 17, 2013, I finally decided to quit my work to give attention to my health. I did a bargaining with the company if they still allow me to work with them, I could render my service as a part time employee. Hopefully, they will accept my request. And, not to stay idle I decided to enroll in Graduate Education here at the University of San Agustin which I do believe it will help to improve my skills and enhance my knowledge by learning new things with my professors, wherein on my first session, I enjoyed listening and by the end of my 3-hour class it really gave new insights to me. Probably, by leaving on my current work it has a good opportunity will be open to me. To work in an institution that I could utilize and share what I will learn from this University. Actually, I am looking for a job that it is nearer to my place which I know by this I will be more effective and efficient.

Now, I realized how much would be the discipline and control that I should do with myself not to occur this allergy. First, to have a regular check up to my doctor, I suppose I have to do it monthly. Second, control the food that I am eating and make sure that it is healthy for me to boost my immune system (yes, I really miss to eat outside with my friends). Third, have always protection to cover my lips, especially when I am travelling. Fourth, I need to take supplements.

I do believe, when I will control and discipline myself, it gradually lessens the occurrence of my allergy. It will not aggravate to lead into inflammation, which sometimes one of the presentations of my allergy. Finally, with my faith in God it will be completely healed and enjoy my days to share the goodness that God have given to me.



“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me”. Carol Burnett