Why I Love December?

It’s a Holiday Season! And, Christmas is just few weeks away. It seems everyone is so busy and happy as Christmas approaching. Yes, we have so many things to celebrate for, as this is the joyous and colorful month of the year.

At 5am, I saw this moon at our window. It was so amazing! The beauty is so irresistible not to gaze with. Few minutes of deep thoughts while gazing at the moon. I ask myself, what I really wanted to happen this holiday? Why do I really love December? To celebrate Christmas, we need to be innovative even in a simple way at this time of pandemic. We just have to figure out how to have an enjoyable and memorable holidays with friends and family to minimize risk. Actually, I am also looking forward for this month to celebrate some important events with my family and friends. Unfortunately, I could not celebrate those as same as previous years. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you the activities or events and photos of my simple family. Why I love December?

A. Family Gatherings.

I am not sure if I could see and visit some of my relatives and vice versa or would have a reunion. There are no certain plans yet if what are the family’s activities this upcoming holidays. Totally change! But I am hoping and praying that everyting would be okay soon. In God’s grace, I know, I could give hugs and kisses to my love ones. For now, waving, wishing and praying for each other is better.

B. Community Christmas Party.

It has been a tradition in our place to gather and to celebrate Christmas. The organizers usually have had festive food, games, raffle prizes and other fun activities. Above all, the importance of this gathering is to connect, make new friends and building bonds and relationships. We do this yearly especially for the kids so that they may feel also the spirit of Christmas.

C. Classmates/Friends Get Together

I’m glad that I still have photos of my classmates and friends from grade school and highschool. We usually ‘get together’ every Christmas holidays. And, this is the only chance to see my old friends and classmates but now it is vague, so it is most likely in 2021. For now, virtual hugs and kisses.!

D. Christmas Day (12/25)

I guess this is the most anticipated day in December. I believe, many of you would agree?

For me, this is also special because this would be our second Christmas together of my daughter, though she does not understand yet what Christmas is. But I want to let her know how special and meaningful Christmas is. Not just festive food, gifts, colorful lights, etc. It is the birth of Christ, our Saviour! Someday she would understand this and she would live her life with love and kindness as what Jesus Christ teaches us.

Our last year’s Christmas was simple, yet meaningful and memorable. Although, my husband and I were miles apart because of his work. He made sure that he’d spent and celebrated it virtually with us. Now, that he is here to celebrate Christmas with us it would be more special and memorable. Fortunately, he would stay until on my …

D. MY NATAL DAY / New year’s Eve countdown (12.31)

I will be getting older…yay…one more year will be added but I am grateful, thankful and blessed. I have a sweet little daughter that gives happiness, hope and strength even in my lowest point. She gives me a reason to fight and to live.

So, what should I ask for my birthday? Prayers that this pandemic will end soon; and may Our Lord protect us from Corona virus; bless us with good health and happiness.

P.S. To my dughter, NAMI you are a priceless gift I’ve ever received!

6 thoughts on “Why I Love December?

  1. Wow 🀩 another beautiful post Ivy.

    I too love December 😍 Mine and my grabs daughter’s birthdays.

    All the very best for the Christmas season and your birthday Ivy. Such a beautiful family πŸ˜πŸ’– Who is the other child with Nami?

    Love and blessings to you all πŸ’–πŸ€—πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³

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