It seems the nights are long
So, close my eyes,
tossing and turning.
And my mind still racing
blurry thoughts...


Looking out the window
resisting complaining,
reflecting over the inner turmoil.
But whenever the cool breeze  
touches my skin.
It soothes and gives solace 
for my aching mind.


Through every single teardrop
rolling down my face.
Beseech thy sun to appear
and to see the golden light.
It calms and gives solace
for my wailing heart;
that brings a new day with new hopes and strengths
for a new beginning....


7 thoughts on “SOLACE

  1. Ivy, I live in the US and December is my least favorite time of year. I adore the long, sunny days. I feel your words “resisting complaining” and “beseech thy sun to appear” were written just for me! I was so happy to see that you spent time at my blog and I look forward to reading more of your beautiful words and viewing your gorgeous photos.

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    1. December is the joyous month here in our country…😀 and the most anticipated month because of christmas holidays.
      And, I live in a tropical, its like half of the year is sunny!😀


    1. Nowadays, there are a lot of uncertainty to deal with. But I have to thank that I have found this platform to express what I am experiencing right now and feelings to make me feel better.


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