Surviving Through Chaos

There is always hope.

“For nothing will be impossible with GOd”. Luke 1:37

Since the novel corona virus started as became a global pandemic I have so many realizations, that despite these challenges and circumstances, I am still grateful and blessed because I’ve had the chance to spend time to reflect; time to eat together with my family; learned to appreciate small things; and learned the importance of sanitation and hygiene. Moreover, I learned to clarify most important and meaningful for myself and for my family. My innocent and curious 22-month old daughter, yet optimistic and joyful teaches me every day to be grateful, happy and resilient amidst this chaos.

Now it seems life and other businesses gradually back to normal. There’s one thing I really wanted to share the journey of this livelihood program in our community, a rural weaving for mothers and women. I have had a chance to drop by their work station. It is so unusual to see the station not as busy as before the pandemic probably weaving industry may not seem essential as of this time of a pandemic?

I asked someone who personally involved in this industry, how are they surviving amidst chaos? It is simply because of the unwavering support from different agencies and from passionate people for fashion and for weaving industry. They came up to create a glamorized and simple weaved face mask which it is now essential and a big hit to the market. It helps to introduce and promote the industry globally to sustain the livelihood which is successfully turning a crisis into an opportunity for mothers and women to work-from-home just to ensure their safety.

Here are some creations of the talented weavers of Indag-an Primary Multi Purpose Cooperative.

What is hablon or weaving? Hablon or weaving is one of the main sources of income (mostly mothers and women). It is an important cultural heritage of our town. The weavers use wood handloom (tiral) to interlace threads to produce a masterpiece from combination of colors and designs to intricate ones.


Hablon is a handwoven fabric used for clothes, tablecloths/table runners, shawls, etc. The cloth is made from various materials such as cotton,  jusi (banana fiber), piña (pineapple fiber). Nowadays, it’s just mostly made from cotton and rayon thread.

And now that the business is gradually back, through the creativity and innovation of the weavers they have come up special products this special season, from design to packaging and to general presentation of the products just to make it more special for giveaways and gifts. It is a timely transformation for this season and for other special occasion.

As a mother, in my own little way, I am always supporting this livelihood program for mothers and women.

By the power of God, to all mothers and women, it is possible for us to live our lives, despite the chaos and look forward to having a brighter 2021. Have a Merry Christmas… Cheers!

Hablon by Indag-an Primary Multipurpose Cooperative



3 thoughts on “Surviving Through Chaos

    1. Passed from generation to generation…😀
      it is one of the main sources of income here in our town and top producer in the province…and thank you so much for appreciating hablon!
      Have a Merry Christmas to you and to your family…🤗


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