Looking back on Some Normal Moments…

Only where children gather is there any real chance of fun.

New chapter in my life…

It has been more than three years the last time I logged in this page. I almost forgot my username/email and password. Actually, it took me an hour to figure it out. Now that I am back on my page, there would be changes. And, it would be the new chapter in my life… journey to motherhood.

I just wanted to share the happy news with you. Above all, would let my little one know someday how truly blessed we are to have her; God’s greatest gift.

Yes, I can never imagine, how amazing 2018 was, so far, it would be our happiest year in our lives. I found out at the mid of the year that I was pregnant, something we have been wanting for so many years. It was a miracle! My feelings could not find words to describe it. Extremely happy?

Truly blessed!

Looking back during my pregnancy, I had a lot of fears and pains. I got feared because prior to my pregnancy I was battling with Behcet’s disease for almost 9 years already. It’s an autoimmune disease. I knew how the disease could manifest and complications brought for me, so rather to be scared, I prayed that I could surpass this challenge. In God’s grace, it was abated. But in my 37th week, February 2, 2019 at 8:00pm I got an emergency Cesarean section my blood pressure shoot up. It was pre-eclampsia . It symptoms began in 35th week of my pregnancy. However, when the moment I saw for the first time our little one and heard her first cry gave me tears, relief, and gratitude. As a mother, her beauty was overwhelming and her first cry was a joyful noise.

Our precious one!

And, she is 21 months old now, the joy we have is so priceless. She is apple of the eye in the family. Active, energetic yet very cuddly and sweet little girl ; and lights up our little home.

Motherhood really changes everything. It changes my body, stretchmarks, wrinkles and little saggier; sleepless night and stinky diaper. But motherhood is really a beautiful and meaningful phase of my life. It changes me to be a better person. I learned to be more patient; to be more loving and to appreciate every moment we have together.

As a mother I pray that she may grow up with fear to our Almighty God; good health and protection; and to be kind and with respect to the other people.

New chapter in my life: 21 months and counting!

John 16:21
“A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she forgets the anguish because of her joy that a child is born into the world.”

Throwback: Personal Governance!

While I was checking my inbox I saw this:

Personal Governance

I have so many things that I would like to change and to do for myself. Every time I assess myself, my health has been always my top priority. I want to have a complete healing of what I’ve been suffering for many years already the recurrence of my lip allergy. It causes a lot of my work. It lessens my self esteem to face people. I cannot work efficiently and effectively because I cannot give my hundred percent focus which I know I do love my work at ICSEC-Kaplan Iloilo as Operations staff and or sometimes I am doing marketing tasks. By this condition, I attempt for many times to leave my work not because I am not happy with them, but I am unselfish to give the prerogative to the company to look for more efficient and effective staff. Then I cannot do the things such as outdoor activities.

I did a lot of checkups with different medical practitioners and laboratory tests. However, it still triggers of so many allergens, especially for food and weather change. I always put down on a piece of paper of what I am eating and doing in my not normal days to monitor what triggers it.

This June 17, 2013, I finally decided to quit my work to give attention to my health. I did a bargaining with the company if they still allow me to work with them, I could render my service as a part time employee. Hopefully, they will accept my request. And, not to stay idle I decided to enroll in Graduate Education here at the University of San Agustin which I do believe it will help to improve my skills and enhance my knowledge by learning new things with my professors, wherein on my first session, I enjoyed listening and by the end of my 3-hour class it really gave new insights to me. Probably, by leaving on my current work it has a good opportunity will be open to me. To work in an institution that I could utilize and share what I will learn from this University. Actually, I am looking for a job that it is nearer to my place which I know by this I will be more effective and efficient.

Now, I realized how much would be the discipline and control that I should do with myself not to occur this allergy. First, to have a regular check up to my doctor, I suppose I have to do it monthly. Second, control the food that I am eating and make sure that it is healthy for me to boost my immune system (yes, I really miss to eat outside with my friends). Third, have always protection to cover my lips, especially when I am travelling. Fourth, I need to take supplements.

I do believe, when I will control and discipline myself, it gradually lessens the occurrence of my allergy. It will not aggravate to lead into inflammation, which sometimes one of the presentations of my allergy. Finally, with my faith in God it will be completely healed and enjoy my days to share the goodness that God have given to me.



“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me”. Carol Burnett

After Work!

Sunset Beyond the Mountain

After work, 5:30pm.

Traveling everyday is a challenge for me. I am competing to many passengers to secure my seat. I travel for two hours to go home by three different kinds of transportation. Succumbed and exhausted to a long travel and traffic, and  mob of passengers who are rushing to go home. Students, workers, businessmen; small or big; young or old; quiet or chatty; it is fortunate to have a seatmate in a public transportation whose vain and conscious to hygiene; considerate to a tired and bored seatmate. I have to bear myself with unfriendly, rude and insensitive passengers, thank you to those who are not. There are many kinds passengers that I always encounter.

By traveling everyday I gained practical wisdom. I learned to understand and see the importance of the things and events happening around me which oftentimes I applied to myself once the same situation happens. I learned to appreciate every single moment, things captured to my heart. Not just the scenery but with a heart of gold people. Nowadays, in 10 people probably below 5 you would consider are selfless. I realized if we should just appreciate and use it with our selfless-advantage the gift of God so how wonderful and peaceful the earth is.

When I am traveling, a great portion of my time I spend it in sight-seeing, in an excellent view!  I am gazing out the window of a bus.  It restoring my energy after a long day of work to see the beautiful nature has God given to us.  The sunset beyond the mountain, the blue beach, the green trees and the fresh air. I am savoring these every single moment and thank HIM! As you could see, extremely amazing to have this kind of gift from Him! He is the true selfless! He  shared  everything he owns.